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About Us

Uncovering the power of your organization.

Our name came by inspiration playing around with the name of Atticus Fitch, the main character of To kill a Mockingbird.

What inspires us of the character is that combination of penetrating intelligence, coherent wisdom and driving behavior. Three levers we mobilize in the programs and solutions that we provide to our clients.

Who we are

Catalyzing organizations and teams.

Araceli Camacho is an international consultant and researcher with extensive experience consulting companies from different sectors in the US, including several start-ups within the MIT innovation ecosystem. 

She holds an Industrial engineer degree from UPC, specialized in industrial organization and operational research completing her training with a management development program (PDD) by the IESE of Barcelona, ​​an executive program in leadership at MIT and a specialization in Deep Learning by Stanford and

She advises companies and institutions on how to create more liquid organizations and develop their cultures to innovate, adapt and have an impact. She is the creator of the Culture development T- Drive and founder of Atticum.


Araceli Camacho

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